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Patek Philippe

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The very first time I heard about the Patek Philippe watches I thought that this name belongs to a single person. Very soon I realised my mistake. A brief reference to the brand’s history was very educational for me.

Back in 1839 in Geneva Antoni Patek, a Polish watchmaker, and his friend migrant Franciszek Czapek, started making pocket watches. This partnership ended in 1844.   A year after, in 1845, Patek join with the French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, who was the invertor of the keyless winding mechanism. This partnership led to the foundation of the Patek Philippe & Co, in 1851.

Patek Philippe pioneered the perpetual calendar, split-seconds hand, chronograph, and minute repeater in watches.

Like other Swiss manufacturers, the company produces mostly mechanical movements of the automatic and manual wind variety, but has produced quartz watches in the past, and a digital wrist watch, the. Patek were notable for being one of 20 swiss watch companies to develop the first swiss production watch the beta 21 used by other manufactures in watches such as the Omega Electroquartz watches

Patek Philippe is notable for manufacturing its own watch components.

Patek Philippe watches have recorded high prices in auctions worldwide. A large part of the demand for auction pieces is driven by Patek Philippe themselves, as they are often purchasing in the auction market to add to the collection of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

Many Patek Philippe watches owned by royalty. Queen Victoria is one of them.

The company has been owned by the Stern family since 1932, and, as of the late 2000s, led by Philippe Stern and his son Thierry Stern, who took over the reins from his father in 2010.

Definetely Patek Philippe is an exceptional brand in Luxury watches. It is widely considered the world’s most prestigious watch brand by many experts and collectors.

Patek Philippe for Gentlemen…


Patek Philippe for Ladies…

Photo 1: Combined chronograph and perpetual calendar/moonphase wristwatch


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Photo 2 : Perpetual calendar and moonphase wristwatch


Photo 3 : Perpetual calendar and moonphase pocket-watch



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