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Damiani S.p.A., parent company of the Damiani Group, historically is a leading company in the Italian manufacturing and trade sector of jewelry and high level luxury watches. Founded in 1924, the Damiani brand excelled in Italian and International markets, becoming an ambassador of Italian style and a synonym of excellence and the best Italian jewelry tradition. Creativity, design and entrepreneurship are the key elements that have driven the Damiani family for nearly a century, together with a deep passion for an art that has passed on from father to son and also been transmitted to the third generation, now the head of the company. Strengthened by an almost centennial tradition, the Damiani Group has always been renowned for the quality of products and materials adopted and the exclusive design of its collections. The innovative marketing and communications strategy and the proven experience of the management team are two additional key elements that contribute to Damiani’s leadership position in the jewelry market sector. The success of the Gruppo Damiani is the result of a perfect combination of creativity, research and innovation, merged with a profound knowledge of the goldsmith’s tradition at an international level.

Valenza, homeland of the best Italian jewelry tradition: this is where the story of a leading brand of top end Italian made jewelry begins. It was 1924 when Enrico Grassi, founder of the family of jewelers, began designing and creating jewels with diamonds; small masterpieces destined for the noble families of the time, for which he soon became the trusted jeweler. For all the following years, Damiani was acclaimed in the Italian jewelry sector as the highest expression of classicism, balance, and preciousness.

Today the Damiani Group can proudly claim ownership of a prestigious portfolio of perfectly complementary brands: Damiani, Salvini, Alfieri & St. John, Bliss, Calderoni and Rocca, the jewelry and high level watches chain. Currently the Group is in Italy and major markets worldwide with fully owned subsidiaries, managing 32 direct and 50 franchised points of sale, in the most exclusive streets of the world’s major cities.

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Damiani Mimosa White












Damiani Sophia Loren











Damiani Eden in Pink Gold and Three Rows




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