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If anyone would like to record the history of  Brequet Watcmaker, probably should be writing for the watcmakers’s history itself.

All started in 1775, when Abraham louis Breguet opened his workshop in Paris. Thanks to his rich father in law, Brequet found the financial support to make his first steps in watchmaking business. The relations that Brequet had created during his academic training as a student watchmaker and as student of mathematics as well, gave him the chance to open many doors in Paris high society. It was then that Queen Marie Antoinette got excited from his self winding watches and this made King Louis XVI to buy several of his watches. Brequet’s watches now had the reputation needed for  successful continuation.

Year by year the business getting bigger and around 1807  the time comes for his son Louis Antoine as his partner, to carry on. After Abraham’s death in 1823, his son continued the business. The firm remained to the family’s hands until 1882, when Edward Brown, an English watchmaker, and after he died, his sons Edward and Henry took over. After Edward’s retirement around 1900, Henry Brown became the leader of the company.

Brequet firm is proud for many inventions and innovations in watch making. But the most notable, definitely is the invention of Tourbillon by establisher of the firm, Abraham louis Brequet.

Breguet introduced a line of writing instruments as a tribute to writers who mention or feature Breguet watches in their works.

Breguet watches are very easily recognized for their coin-edge cases, guilloché dials and blue pomme hands (known as ‘Breguet hands’).

Nowadays the Brequet company is part of The Swatch Group and its marvelous watches are produced in Vallee de Joux in Switzerland.

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Breguet for Gentlemen…


Breguet for Ladies…


A Breguet squelette watch 2933 with tourbillon













Breguet No. 627 watch










Breguet, Secret de la Reine















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