Grandeur in Life is to Have the Luxury of Time

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Dear Visitors of our Grandeur & Luxury website,

A Very Warm Welcome to all you from Georgios and Liudmyla, the creators of this website. The incentive to make this website was our passion for these unique in quality wristwatches and for what all these fabulous works of art represent in history of human creativeness. Our primary intension is to share this passion with you.

We believe that the ownership of a Branded Luxury Watch is not only an investment because of its value or a status symbol because of its promotion policy or just because worn by celebrities. It is much more than these. If you take  a closer look into the history of watches, seeing the way of creation and the time needed to be produced just a single one of these watches, then you should be understood what Grandeur gives the ownership of a watch of this class. Perhaps we could be somewhat excessive if we say that a luxury watch could bring grandeur in our lives. But in another point of view,  the luxury would be considered as an excessive expression of perfection. And perfection is grandeur in all of its aspects. We do recommend you to watch this magnificent video in youtube created by Jaeger LeCoultre for their Hybris Artistica Collection.The Music is an original soundtrack developed for Jaeger-LeCoultre by Paul-Etienne Côté. Although this video refers to the incredible watches, real works of art by Jaeger LeCoultre, however it is  still an ode to all these watchmakers, to their unparalleled talent and to their unsurpassed artistry, who are truly gave grandeur in their creations. Please enjoy :



We believe that a luxury watch is an exciting and atractive way to count Time, the most precious “Gift of Time” by God. And this “Gift of Time” to everyone,  it’s up to us to manage it  in a way to have always  available  time to sharing it with our loved ones. And here comes our motto :

“Grandeur in Life is to have the Luxury of Time”

The same way we’re standing full of  respect and admiration in front of these masterpieces of timekeeping, the same way we’re at your disposal, ready to advise you in choise of a wonderful timepiece or to exchange our opinions on these topics. In any case we shall be very pleased to see your comments in our website.

We invite you to browse our pages where you can find a plethora of amazing Luxury Watches, almost from all famous brands. Afterwards you can be linked to our partner Amazon at , where you can purchase your chosen watch or to get further information about your favorite watches. Furthermore  you can have access to the rest of our pages where you can find everything you want to know about watches, e.g. historical references, wristwatch reviews and much more.

At the time being you can enjoy our partnership with Amazon, USA’s leader in electronic commerce. For the near future we plan to expand our partnerships with other electronic commerce brands in order to give you access in more luxury Branded Watches and to make your journey in our site more enjoyable and more effective. You will be informed for any further partnership via briefing note.

Once more, Welcome to our site



Georgios & Liudmyla


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