Grandeur in Life is to Have the Luxury of Time

A Luxury Watch : The Best Way to Count Time


christmas-fireplaceWhat is Time? How many times a day we didn’t think about Time. How many times a day we didn’t look, mainly,  at our simple or at our amazing luxury watch or at the clock on the wall or at the clock in our car instrument panel? Yes, I know your answer : A lot of times and sometimes continuously, depends on the occasion. They come moments that Time is passing too slowly, e.g. when a couple expect the birth of their first child and other moments too fast, e.g. when a student writes his/her  final test in University. In all aspects of our lives, they come moments where time is either with us or against us. And during the course of our lives , our actions and our activities at the most, determine at what position will be  the Time in relation to us. Hence, Time is very precious for everyone living in this world. And is vital for everyone of us, find the best way to manage his/her precious Time. But prior to manage something you’d rather know it better, and because we are talking about Time, you’d rather know how to Count it.

What is time? Well, although the question looks familiar to everyone, the answer is still one of the greatest mysteries for scientists or philosophers. The question has occupied some of the greatest minds – from ancient philosophers as scientists of the Enlightenment and beyond.
Nevertheless, after millennia of thought and scientific progress, the consensus about the nature of time has not been reached. “We recognize the time but do not understand it,” says philosopher Julian Barbour. “It is remarkable that there is so little agreement on what is the time, or even on how to explore an answer to this.”

Perhaps this is because the deep understanding of time proved almost unnecessary for our progress. In physics, for example, Newton’s laws of motion, the General Theory of Relativity of Einstein and Quantum Theory does not require us to know the nature of time to get them to work. But does require us to know how to count it. And here is the point, where the Watches are coming to do the job. And this point has to do with the History of Human Evolution itself.  Even watchmakers not necessary to understand the time. Watches, however, give us a clue as to where we should focus our efforts, because a watch needs some kind of moving part to appreciate over time. This may be the ticking of a impactor, the pulses of a quartz crystal or the ejection of a particle from a radioactive atom – in one or another way should be run. – Did I say “moving part” ? – But this is exactly the concept that arrives in our minds when we are thinking about Time. The way that most humans understand the concept of Time : The Motion. The forward Motion of the Time. That’s what we’re counting with our watches. The passage of the Time to the future. – And why not to the past, you might ask? – Well, this is another big issue, certainly not for this essay.

1230882-bigthumbnailAfter our first reference to Time, lets take a brief glance to History. Before the appearance of the watch for hand, floor or wall, people counted time by mechanisms that accuracy was reduced. The Egyptians used obelisks where the shadows seemed approximations by time of day. The ancient Greeks used water hourglasses where the projection period was more accurate. Later, the Romans developed a more precise mechanism bells to mark time, to estimate more precisely the hours needed to pray.

In the 13th century developed the first mechanical clocks floor in Europe but their accuracy was limited.

In the 16th century, pocket watches were discovered, but it was too big and was worn with a chain around the neck. The development of these watches became the next century (17th) where disseminated and used not only by the privileged, but by many citizens could buy.

Around 1700, the Queen of England Anne, wanting to expand the dynamics of strong navy, offered £ 20,000 to anyone who would discover a way to calculate the maximum accuracy longitude. Ten years later, the watchmaker John Harrison, discovered that an accurate determination of longitude requires accurate measurement of time. So, he invented the Harrison Nautical Timekeeper (Harrison Marine Chronometer), who counted the time with great accuracy after testing by famous explorers such as Captain Cook, won the Queen’s prize and the primacy in construction of  first accuracy clock.

In the next century, due to progress of technology, began to appear the first wristwatches, which was worn only by women, while men only used pocket watches. This situation was reversed in the First World War that understood the great need for consistency in time and thus wristwatch  worn by men.

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But, enough with history. Lets go back to our primary question. What is Time, at the end?  A friend or foe?  Seeing all these masterpieces made by the watchmakers, spontaneously thinking , how they could be created without love and admiration to the subject of their Art and that this expresses. Imagine the time they have devoted to make these fabulous Works of Art…for the Time Concept itself. Obviously, we can say for sure, they loved what have done all these hundred of years  and what they are still  doing in our days. And don’t forget, these people didn’t have the technology to make these amazing watches. In fact they have created the needed technology. A glance to their inventions shows the truth of words. Doubtless, Time was their friend and vice versa. Just like it is for all of us. Time is our friend and a Gift of God, to whatever God you may believe . A Gift of Life. That’s why we all love Time. Because we all love Life. Conclusively, if this is not a good reason to chose for your wrist the best Branded Luxury Watch you can buy, then tell what do you think can be?


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